OxideTalis Messaging Protocol (OTMP)
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OxideTalis Messaging Protocol (OTMP)

A simple site explaining the OxideTalis Messaging Protocol (OTMP).

How to view the site?

There are three ways to view the site, you can choose any of them

View the site online (if available)

You can view the site online by visiting the following link: https://otmp.4rs.nl

Build the site locally

You can build the site locally by following the steps below:


My current zola version is 0.18.0.

# Clone the repository
git clone https://git.4rs.nl/awiteb/otmp_site.git

# Change directory to the repository
cd otmp_site

# Build the site
zola build

The site will be built in the `public` directory (you can view it by opening the `index.html` file in your browser)

site branch

You can view the site by visiting the site branch of the repository. The site is built and pushed to the site branch automatically by the CI pipeline.

How to contribute?

Write changes can be made at templates directory. You can't change the content directory as it contains the protocol itself.

You can open an issue to write a comments or suggestions about the protocol.

deploy.sh script

Simple script to build the site and push it to GitHub pages.



This site is built on top of Ahmed Alaa no-style-please theme, with some modifications, you can view the changes at the templates directory by running the following command:

git log --author="Awiteb <a@4rs.nl>" -p templates

The orignal logo is designed by Lorc under CC BY 3.0 license. The logo is modified by Awiteb, you can view the changes at the static/otmp_logo.png file. The original logo can be found at game-icons.net.